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Saturday, July 31, 2004
  charge cooler 1 socket wrench 0
indeed, taking apart the throttle body I had sent in from the states I broke one of my sockets on my rachet. Nearly went through the flat door as the darned thing gave way. Still I have had that cheap tool set for over 10 years so it lasted well. Time for an upgrade methinks

Friday night guess what I did? Changed the oil on the car. Very sad, I had nothing else to do and it was a nice night.

Changed the install of the temp sensor since it was overreading by about 6degC on start up. Don't know how much over during running but I suspect a little at best. Will monitor it again. Must get a cubby hole for it to tidy the install and reduce the effect of sunlight on the display

New suspension seems to be a lot better but I still haven't pushed the car to find out. Maybe this weekend
Friday, July 23, 2004
  The suspension is fitted
and the car really does handle very well. Took it for a quick blast to Dumbarton then over to Drymen then down to Bearsden. Seems to really dig in and turn those corners. Very happy and relived.

On another note, the car got washed today also. No really it did
Thursday, July 22, 2004
  A set back then a modification then the wait
well what can I say. I did a dry run for fitting the charge cooler and found out it didn't fit. Turns out I need a new throttle adaptor as well, which the c/c vendor was selling at the same time. Doughnut that I am I didn't buy it there and then. Still hopefully get it ordered in the next couple of days when I get PayPal verified. Ran out of money you see.

The temp gauge is looking well suss in the readings but first a pic.

Dunno what is going on with the readings but they seem to be a little on the high side. The reason I think this is I started the car up this afternoon and the temp was displaying 28degC. Not bad for a car sitting in the shade in a multi-storey carpark for 9 hours. I suspect the metal element is touching the alloy of the intake pipes so yet again a quick strip down is in order.

On the bright side the new std replacement shocks get fitted tomorrow in about 9 hours time. Oops
Saturday, July 17, 2004
  temp gauge installed - sensor moved to intake pipe
Ok, so the temperature gauge is installed in the car and the expected problem arose almost straight away. Its an LED unit which means in bright sunlight, I can't see the damned thing! A little modification of where the units sits is going to be required.
However since I haven't actually mounted it anywhere this is not such a problem. I also changed the position of the temp sensor. Previously it sat in the brake duct of the manifold but now I moved it so it sits directly in the path of the air entering the manifold. How long it lasts under that pressure it debatable but it sure is more animated than before.
I'll post some pics when I get round to taking some.
Also 'fixed' was the aforementioned brake pipe. I had put the temp sensor there because the pipe came off easily so it seemed less hassle to use that one. However it dawned on me like 11 months later that the reason the brake pedal MIGHT be spongy is because the pipe on the manifold doesn't seal properly. So today I bought a proper jubilee clip and replaced the spring clip and guess what? The brakes are immediately stronger and more responsive.
Wednesday, July 14, 2004
  suspension has arrived
yup its here and ready to go on the car. Fitting is scheduled for the 23rd so hopefully after that the car will be back to its previously go karty self. I live in hope
Monday, July 12, 2004
  the gauge has arrived
eventually! Will post some photos here when I get the digi camera. Looks like my mate john is going nuts on his fiat coupe - we lasted so well without modding then all of a sudden - buy buy buy

Funny how that happens, eh John?
Saturday, July 10, 2004
  No gauge fitting this weekend
and that's due to the darned thing not arriving a full 24hrs after it was posted 1st Class. Royal Mail is pants. I'm fed up with mail items going missing or arriving late or just arriving bashed and late.


Rant over. The weather is mince anyway so not such a big deal I guess.

New suspension should arrive Monday, unless it too gets lost in the post. God knows how though. Then its getting it fitted and moving onto the charge cooler fitting. More money........groan
Thursday, July 08, 2004
  RIP Suspension - long live Suspension
its official - the current suspension is dead - no rebound damping. So with a now empty wallet I have ordered a new set of struts for each corner. Guess the charge cooler doesn't look like such a good idea now.

On the plus side my new digital air intake temp gauge should arrive tomorrow and a quick mount at the weekend should see it in action. Way hay
Monday, July 05, 2004
  more good news on the old suspension
ok, the new spring cups have been fitted and the tracking is now set to what it should be. However the suspension dampers have had their fun and now have very little rebound damping in them. Time for an upgrade.

I'll likely just put the standard stuff on as its pretty good with the nod towards comfort. Just as well with the roads round here.

Looks like the charge cooler has arrived so when I go into work it will either be there or sitting in the local post office which is across the road from the office. Handy, oh yes

Ordered a thermocouple display unit which should arrive tomorrow also. Everything happens at once and I haven't got the money to do them all. Groan.

Need to decorate the flat also cause its a mess and long overdue. Groan - more money
Friday, July 02, 2004
  Charge cooler is GO GO GO GO
er, sorry about that. Yes indeed I have managed to source a used but working (we will see) charge cooler from a celica. Good old ebay. The unit was sent 30th June so it should arrive early next week. I still need to get some other parts to fit the unit into the car but they will be bought shortly.

Big, actually huge debate on IMOC regarding the usefulness of chargecoolers v normal air to air intercoolers. Usual arguements of £600 so it must be good for the air2air units were cast about. Have any of these people proved anything they have said? Course not. That would be too easy to blow holes through.

Having said that after I do my install I may have to edit my own views. I don't think I will need to but physics has a habit of showing the truth whether it fits you arguement or not.



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