the blue dolphin - 95 GTS Toyota MR2 turbo
The Blue Dolphin - Toyota GT-S T bar Rev 3 95 model The Blue Dolphin - Toyota GT-S T bar Rev 3 95 model with evo 6 OZ wheels The Blue Dolphin - Toyota GT-S T bar Rev 3 95 model with 17 inch black 5 spoke OZ wheels
Saturday, January 28, 2006
some muppet drove into my drivers side front wing and has completely stoved it in. Never even left a note, just drove off and with the size of the dent they knew they had hit me. Typical nobody saw / heard anything. I aint too happy about that cause its going to cost a fair bit to fix it.

How the hell can you hit a parked car?

Thats 3 times the car has been picked on by persons unknown. I'm thinking time to buy a gun and wait up til someone tries it again. Would be worth it to see the expression on their face.
Monday, January 23, 2006
  what the fcuk is going on?
first my car gets bits taken off of it and now some muppet decides to leave footprints on the engine cover and the bonnet!!!! If I catch you I will mess up your life big style. Expect some broken bones and maybe limb loss.

I wouldn't kick an old banger on the street out of respect as that might be someones start in motoring, I wouldn't scratch someones porsche just because they have a better car than me so why some folk think its ok to mark a car I don't know. Makes me think its students having a laugh on the way home from the pub climing over cars.

If I catch you no amount of alcohol will dull the pain I will inflict on you. No witnesses either.

You have been warned
Sunday, January 22, 2006
  you pikey dcuk whackers -
some theiving git has nicked my drivers side rear window vent and for what? A trophy? for fun or just out of plain badness??

Well I hope you are happy cause if I ever catch you I will take your fingers as my trophy. Then we'll see how smug you look.

Respect other peoples property, its only nice.

yours well and truely hacked off
Sunday, January 15, 2006
  mmm driving a mk1
indeed yes I was driving a mk1 mr2 last week at the club meet and very interesting it was too.

Power steering was sadly missed at sub 5mph speeds but above that its really not needed. The gearbox utterly fantastic in a snick snick kinda way that is just wonderful. Power? well against my rev3 turbo it has no power but hey that's life. Was a lovely car to drive although this example needs a wee bit of work done to it.

Turbo torque really is something else.

On another note, I very nearly bought a new (to me anyway) set of 17" wheels for the turbo. This would have given me a far greater choice of tyres to fit. Alas the price of these alloys was out of my range. Ho hum
Sunday, January 08, 2006
  freezing cold weather -
and yet still the sun shines. Makes the scenery look absolutely stunning out there.

Anyhow, was out to a car meet today. Took it easy because some of the roads were still in the shade so you know to careful round them as they are well slippy.

Turns out one of our members had another smash in his mk1. Poor guy, bought this new mk1 from Norwich yesterday, drove 450 miles without incident. Got up early today and washed it, polish it and realised what a stunning car he had bought.

2 miles down the road from his a pickup pops out of a farm track without looking and he brakes, locks up, releases the brakes manages to steer somehow round the pick up and miss the oncoming bus but then loses the back and spins off into the fence and nearly ends up in a field. Luckily the muppet who pulled out on him put his hands up and admitted all his fault then offered to get the car pulled out of the field. A good result to a p1sh incident.

My drive was pretty uninteresting mainly because I was driving soo slow. Not worth it these days to go hooning though I did have a wee chuckle.

Coming along the M80 heading into Glasgow at the Gaswork towers there is a rather nice curve in the road which then joins up with the M8. I had a Golf, mk4/5 sitting on my bumper so at the first chance I moved over to the inside lane as it happened just before the aforementioned righthander. So golfman pulls alongside me as we tip into the corner. Normally this time of year I'd let him go no bother but this corner has shellgrip on it so there is plenty of grip on it. So I hang on the throttle nice and steady and drive round the corner. As I get halfway round I notice Mr Golf is level with my B pillar and as we straighten up he is just infront of my rear bumper. Fair play to the boy he had the tigher line whereas I could mosey on round the long way but I still had further to go .

On another note the sunset on the way home was amazing. Reminds me why I still live in this country.


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